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The Government of India, Hyderabad

The third day of the 20th International Children's citrotsavam 

* Film Making, Story Telling, the animation on the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University, has been conducting the workshops.
* Siephesai chairman Mukesh Khanna visited the main venue for the I-Max Theater, this morning. The children's pictures to a CD shop. He interacted with different parts of the Festival flocking pedophilia. Inquired the views of children on the displayed images.

The legend of the 20th International Children's citrotsavam, take the children on the theme of e tihasalanu jayate Hindi animation film director Kothapalli Clinton nirmincali satyameva  

Hyderabad, November 10, 2017
As part of the 20th International Children's Film Festival, the Prasad Eye Max satyameva jayate Hindi animation film presented today. The Chitra director, producer Kothapalli Clinton spoke to the media. Images of children produced by the producers of the Indian culture and tradition that have expressed concern regarding the observance of. Children's film legend to bring the theme to create awareness of the children, he said puranitihasalapai. The images of children through the medium of film compasses todpadalannaru child development by building ..

Ratnakar / sriram 

The 20th International Children's citrotsavam narveniyan children enjoyed the movie, Santa Swap
Hyderabad, November 10, 2017
As part of the 20th International Children's Film Festival, the Prasad Eye Max narveniyan presented today to swap the image of Santa. 70 minutes of the film, children, students overwhelmingly akattukundi. Potipadutondi animated feature film competition section. The film was directed by Terje rangnes. Anderson, who is also the person who arrived on the eve of Christmas in the case of carpenter santaklaj explaining the circumstances faced by the children of the film runs vappincevisayanlo. The voices of children, to their way of thinking, keen humor throughout the film to appeal to children.
Ratnakar / sriram pib

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