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The Government of India, Hyderabad

International Children's Film Festival - set the stage for a permanent exhibition of children's drawings ceyali 'appu' Chitra producer, director, Kay. Mohan

To set up a permanent platform for the display of images of children in the city of Hyderabad, children's Telugu film 'appu', the producer, the director of the center. TRS chief K. Mohan. Chandrasekhar Rao said. As part of the 20th Children's Film Festival, the feature film section Prasad Imax 'appu' picture presented today. Chitra Prasad URL- sentarulo Max theater group in speaking to journalists at the media.

So far, the city's three theaters Mohan 'appu' display images in response to cinnarulanunci the film, and that is going to be happy. Cudalanna elephant, a ten year old boy, and a group of his friends appu feats of the film runs through the forest. Mohan said the scenes akattukunnayani pilallanu exponentially. The city of Hyderabad, the film citrikarincamannaru nearby woods. As an actor, starring in the film appu srivant, the actor who played a key role in the flame of the emperor, Lohit appu uncle who participated in this event.

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