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Anwar-ul-Uloom College and Nizam College emerged as champions in the free style and Greco Roman categories in the Osmania University inter-college wrestling championship, Nrupatunga Degree College, Kachiguda, that was held at at Indoor Stadium, Osmania University.

57 kgs: 1. M. Parameshwar Singh ( St. Francis College), 2. K. Shiva Kumar (Wesley Degree College), 3. Arif (BJR Govt Degree College) & Abdor Rasheed Abbubakar (Anwar-ul-Uloom College). 61 kgs: 1. Syed Azhar Ahmed (Presidency College), 2. Syed Omer (Nizam College), 3. K. Ajay Durga Raj ( Jagruthi Degree College) & S. Sai Kumar (A V College). 65 kgs: Mohd. Bilal Ahmed (Anwar-ul- Uloom College), 2. K. Akshay Singh (VV College), 3. Syed. Abrar (Presidency College) & S. Rajesh Kumar (Avanthi Degree College). 70 kgs: 1. Izhar Ali Khan( (Anwar-ul-Uloom College), 2. K. Nithush Mudiraj (IIMC College), 3. Mohd. Wasif Choudhary (Jagruthi Degree College) & J. Choudary Rohith Singh (Nava Chaitanya Degree College). 74 kgs: 1. K. Bharath Kumer (A V College), 2. D. Saideep (JesusPG College), 3. K. Niraj Yadav (Avanthi Degree College ) & Y. Bharath (Jahhanavi Degree College). 84 kgs: 1. Ahamed Bin Hamza (Anwar-ul-Uloom College), 2. Obaid Bin Hussain ( City College), 3. A. Vishal Yadav (Jagruthi Degree College) & Jaikishan Singh (Aurora College). 97 kgs: 1. Mudassir Ahmed (Badruka College), 2. G. Viplav Kumar (St. Anthony College), 3. Mohammad Osman (Presidency Degree College) & Mohd. Ibrahim Khan (All Qurmoshi Degree College). 125 kgs: 1. D. Kanaiah Singh (Pendekanti College), 2. Mohd. Bin Hussain (Anwar-ul-Uloom College), 3. K. Sagar (Aurora PG College). Overall champions: 1. Anwar-ul-Uuloom Degree College, 2. Presidency Degree College, 3. A V College.

Wrestling Greco Roman

59 kgs: 1. K. Kumar (University College of Technology), 2. H. Santosh Kiran Kumar (Aurora Degree College), 2. D. Madhu Goud (St. Francis Xavier Degree College), 3. G. Santhosh Kumar Goud (New Science College). 66 kgs: 1. Nizamuddin (Nizam College), 2. Imran Khan (Acme College), 2. K. Vishwanath Yadav (Jagruthi College), 3. C. Akshay Kumar (IIMC College). 71 kgs: 1. K. Shiva (Nizam College), 2. A. Harish Kumar (Methodist College), 3. Gunashekar Narendar (Holy Marys College) & J. Abhitosh Singh (Badruka College). 75 kgs: 1. G. Prakash Singh (Anwar-ul-Uloom College), 2. Salam Salah (Nizam College), 3. Chennuri Ravi (Vivekananda Degree College) & Vishal Yadav (Wesley Degree College). 80 kgs: 1. Syed. Aamer (Islamia College), 2. B. Bheem Raj (L B Degree College), 3. T. Suraj Singh (Pragathi Maha Vidyalaya) & G. Praneesh Yadav (Aurora College). 85kgs: 1. H. Keshav Kumar (Badruka College), 2. Mohd. Obaid (Anwar-ul-Uloom College), 3. K. Ashwin Singh (HRD Degree College) & J. Naresh (AV College). 98 kgs: 1. H. Shiva Kumar (Haji Gouse PMCPE), 2. Mujahad Rose Khan (Nizam College), 3. B. Manish Yadav (Wesley Degree College) & Syed Ahamed Hussain (Anwar-ul-Uloom College). 130 kgs: 1. K. Balwanth Singh (Jagruthi Degree College), 2. Omar Bin Abdullah Qureshi ( Dharmavanth College), 3. Mohd. Abdul Basith (Aurora College) & B. Jonathan (A V College). Overall champions: 1. Nizam College, 2. Anwar-ul-Uloom College, 3. Badruka College & Jagruthi Degree College.

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